Shopping In Lusaka

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Nyawa and Annie went to Lusaka with us on Sunday to buy supplies for the orphanage.  Lusaka, the capital of Zambia,  is still that mostly poor, busy and dusty city of about 2 million people. The traffic in Lusaka is hard to describe.  Most people walk but there are big traffic jams of cars and big old trucks. There are small shops by the thousands selling all sorts of cheaply made imported goods from China. As chaotic as it looks somehow it all seems to work, but shopping there can be a nightmare.

We bought everything from sinks, serving dishes and spoons to fire  extinguishers, electrical boxes and gutters.  Add to that 24 light fixtures, 48 bulbs and 2 bath tubs for washing children’s clothes and you will understand why Nyawa and Annie had to take the bus back to Serenje today while we headed back in the Agape van, looking as overloaded as everyone else on the Great North Road.

Late this evening we arrived safely in Serenje, for which we are most grateful.

Blessings from Africa,
Mickey and Jackie


Comments on: "Shopping In Lusaka" (1)

  1. Joan Ashby said:

    We are visiting Amanda and Harrison and were talking about your trip to Africa when we received your blog. We can just picture you loaded down in the truck with all those various supplies. There are so many details to attend to in your day. We pray for your good health and stamina as you move closer to the moment when those precious children will sleep in their new home.
    God speed!
    Jim and Joan

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