A Beautiful Gift

Today was a beautiful African day, just like so many others in the last 2 weeks – not at all what I expected for the rainy season.  The rains have come mostly at night –  often all night – and they have been very heavy at times.  But the days have been nice and even sometimes a bit cool.  This is the season referred to as the “hot and wet” season?  I love this Zambian weather.

Mickey is working very diligently with Robson, Agape foreman, and his workers to iron out the million details in this last phase of construction.  Each day that we have gone to Chitambo the van has been loaded with building materials from Serenje.  It is good that Mickey is the ultimate “detail man.”

The orphanage is really shaping up nicely.  I can hardly wait until it is finished and there are children sleeping there in safety.  There will be banners hanging in each of the dorms bearing the words of Psalm 4:8, “I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” It is hoped that these words will be a constant reminder to these children of their heavenly Father’s love for them.

We were finally able to receive email from home last night and one of the messages that we received was such an encouragement to both Mickey and me.  There is a precious child named Lisa Renee in North Carolina who heard about the Agape Orphanage a bit over a year ago when her grandmother was  remembered at Christmas with a donation made in her honor to Agape Village Foundation.  Lisa Renee, out of the goodness of her innocent little girl heart, emptied her piggybank and sent the total contents in quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies to help the orphans in Zambia.

This Christmas Lisa Renee’s grandmother was again remembered with a donation to the Agape project and Lisa Renee, again, wanted to help the orphans in Zambia.  When she celebrates her birthday on Feb.4, Lisa Renee has asked that her friends not bring presents to her party but that they bring money that she can, once again, donate to the orphanage.

Thank you, Father, for the example of a child like Lisa Renee who has the love of Jesus in her heart and wants to share that love with other children.

Blessings from Africa,


Comments on: "A Beautiful Gift" (5)

  1. That we could all have the heart of a child for giving. Lisa Renee is an inspiration to us all.
    Love, Joan

  2. Melissa Bynum said:

    I love that Psalm 4:8 will be on the banners hanging in the dorm rooms. What a wonderful scripture!

  3. Peggy Perry said:

    Jackie and Mickey, we are following your journey closely and finding so much to be thankful for as God continues to lead, guide, and watch over you both. How can we not worship such a God… a God who is so faithful and constant even though our journeys may be surprising and challenging. Cliff and I send love to you both. I send love to all fellow pilgrims I have met in Zambia. I wish that I could be with you and them. May the Lord Jesus be your Light throughout the whole of your journey.


  4. Thank you for the wonderful blogs!It is apparent from the story of Lisa Renee that the work of the orphanage is affecting not only the children of Chitambo but children of all ages and all places.There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus’ hands,feet and spirit are at work thru us all.You remain in our prayers.Charlotte

  5. Suzanne gore said:

    Jackie, thank you for keeping us updated on the progress. It is so exciting!

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