Showing up…and listening


By Mickey and Jackie

Dear Friends,

We always love to talk about the children at Agape Village Orphanage, but this time we would like to talk about who made Agape Orphanage possible.

Ten years ago, when we first went to Africa, we had no idea we would find ourselves where we are today. In June 2009, we made our first trip to Zambia. After spending two weeks in Zambia, we never really intended to return. However, a few months after that trip, we felt called to go back, but were were not sure exactly why we were returning.

Six months later in December 2009, without having a plan or any significant financing, but knowing we needed to revisit Zambia, we returned. Upon our arrival there, it was immediately obvious to us that God not only had a plan, but He was beginning to make the resources available for us to carry out His plan. All that was required of us at that point was to show up, be still and listen. That was probably the hardest part.

We truly believe in miracles and know that God is all powerful, but we were still amazed to witness so many miracles taking place during that return trip to Zambia, and in such perfect order. We found our faith being tested, but also growing by leaps and bounds. God was moving us so fast that we could hardly keep up.

Now as we look back over the last 10 years we marvel at what God has accomplished in the Zambian bush.




We thank God for using Agape Village Foundation to help relieve suffering for many orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia.

And because we believe it pleases God to move in answer to the prayers of His people, we thank you for your generous support that has made it possible for us to continue this work in Zambia.






Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory. —- Ephesians 3:20


Comments on: "Showing up…and listening" (3)

  1. Joan Ashby said:

    Praise God that you were,”Quick to listen” to God’s plan for Agape!

  2. Linda Deese said:

    What Joy is seen on the faces of the children. They are filled with joy and hope and love. We should all be so blessed!

  3. Mwangala Kakula said:

    Dear Sir and Madam.

    My name is Mwangala from Lusaka. I have been following your Facebook page and I have to say you are making a big difference not only in Zambia but the world at large. Because 10 years from now these children will make an impact I have done my teaching course in Home Economics and I would love to be part of what you are doing here in Zambia. I want to be a volunteer so that I can teach the children sewing, knitting and home management skills more like a matron to them and help guide them spiritually, mentally and physically so that they grow into adults who are morally upright.
    It would be a blessing to work with you and my prayer is that God to Bless everything that you lay your hands on in Jesus’ Name.

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