The Rest Of The Story

This is the part of the return trip from Lusaka that we didn’t include in the blog yesterday:

Back on the Great North road and close to Mukushi we noticed a quick movement of some sort and a big puff of blue smoke about 100 yards in front of us. When we got to that spot we saw a van – one of the local “buses” carrying 8 or 10 people- that had cartwheeled off the road and had landed upside down in a ditch in the tall grass on the side of the road.  We stopped immediately to see if we could render aid and ran to the upside-down van.  People were trying their best to get out. Some were bleeding, others were crying and some seemed to be walking around in a daze not believing what had happened.  

I  helped several people out of the destroyed van and tried to check to see if everybody was accounted for and conscious.  I then did a little first aid on the ones that were bleeding and tried to reassure them that they were ok. There were 2 or 3 small babies on board but all seemed unhurt.   One woman, however,  kept saying “my baby, my baby” so I immediately went back into the wreck to see if I could find her baby. After not having any luck it dawned on me that this woman is probably pregnant.  I returned to her side to see and, yes, she was very pregnant. What a relief!  

Miraculously no on seemed seriously hurt.  Some  had deep cuts and would need some stitches but there was nothing life threatening that we could tell. This is a ” LUCKY” group of people.  By this time others had gathered to help and someone had arrived in a vehicle that could transport the injured to town.  Fortunately this happened close to Mukushi where there is a clinic, so about 20 minutes after all of this happened someone loaded up all of the bleeding into a car and off they went to the clinic.

There is never a dull moment in Zambia!

Thursday Jan. 26, 2012

This morning we headed out to the orphanage to off- load all of the supplies that we brought back from Lusaka.  With the help of some of the workers it didn’t take long to empty the van.  

Since we have been in Lusaka the workers have been bricking up the support poles in the dining  hall, which looks really good.  They have also started erecting more homemade scaffolding so they can box in the other ceiling beam.  We met with the plumber and went over some details about how we wanted the showers done.  He is a nice guy and is doing a fine job. He has requested a cell phone.  I also spent a lot of time with Robson going over how we would do the  gutters and discussed other details. 

This afternoon at 2:00 PM we had a meeting with the local Agape Advisory Board at the Chitambo Hospital to introduce Nyawa and Annie to them.  By 3:00 PM only 4 members were present.  We have learned that the Zambian culture is not very punctual.  That can be very frustrating at times and this was one of those times!!

During our meeting Rev Royd slumped over and became almost unconscious. He has had malaria for 3 days and today it just got the best of him. During the rainy season malaria is wide spread here and it is sad to see so many people sick with malaria. We took Rev Royd out of the meeting to get him some help and in 30 minutes he was up and about acting as though nothing had happened.  

As we were leaving the meeting and preparing  to return to Serenje I got a call that Robson had fallen from the homemade scaffolding at the orphanage and needed our help. We rush back to the orphanage, scared to death to see what condition Robson was in.  Expecting something would be broken for sure, I was relieved to find him standing, holding his rib cage and with a really bad scrape on his left side. We took him back to the Chitambo Hospital where they gave him  ibuprofen and valium.  It seems Robson had escaped with a bruised or fractured rib and a pretty nasty scape on his side.  We were much relieved that Robson was not more seriously injured.  He is a good man and we believe a very important part of God’s plan for the Agape Village Orphanage.

Just another day in Zambia!  



Comments on: "The Rest Of The Story" (1)

  1. Melissa Bynum said:

    Oh my goodness!! Today has got to be a calmer day! I am happy you were near the bus
    when the accident happened so you could be with the Zambians. I know you brought love and comfort to a scary time for them! I am praying for you both to sleep well each night …
    you need the rest to be able to minister to all you are coming in contact with! I pray today will be less eventful!! Love, Melissa

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