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With love and gratefulness, from Zambia

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon Him while He is near. — Isaiah 55:6

school_10_2018Agape Village Foundation has been busy this week. A team of volunteers is visiting our Agape Village family in Zambia and Mickey and Jackie Bailey, Jane and Gerald Batts and new volunteer Sarah Prezioso have been in Agape Village for several days now.

The highest priority tasks to get done: Finalizing the prep work for the school to open in January. Sarah, an early childhood education instructor in America, has been busy training the five new teachers on the new curriculum the school will be using and how to use the new technology in the Agape Village School. This school will be such a blessing to the Agape Village kids and kids from surrounding villages.





Mickey and Gerald have been working diligently to get all the new equipment up and running at the school. The school will have Internet access, white boards and projectors and computers. This is new to school children and teachers in Zambia.

Jackie and Jane have been assisting Sarah, wrestling with cables and computer setups and loving on the children and all the Agape Village family as much as possible.





The team’s time with the children and all of Agape Village is coming to a close. Please pray for them to get everything done. And for it not to hurt their hearts too much when they have to leave.





I’ve learned Mickey and Jackie rarely talk about the money-part of Agape Village. They truly believe God will provide. I believe that too.

In the last few days I’ve been researching and checking on charities to give to to help with Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael damage, here in the U.S. It’s hard to know who to trust with your money. Will it get to the Pender County school I’ve seen pictures of — completely ruined by flood waters? Will my money really make it to those precious people who have lost their entire town in Mexico Beach, Fla.?

Part of my new scrutiny of non-profits is a result of my involvement with Agape Village. I’ve seen first hand the frugality, the thoughtfulness, the love and the altruistic heart of Mickey and Jackie, the organization’s founders, and all the volunteers. I want to find organizations like AVF to give my money to.

Here’s where your AVF donations go:

To the new Agape Village School.


To the warm coats and hoodies the children have when the weather gets cool.


Your donations help provide the nutritious meals the children (and employees) eat and the growing garden and farm behind the orphanage.

Your donation is here, in these teachers for Agape Village School.


And your donation helped this happen. Chalwe. He’s one of six new children taken in by Agape Village Orphanage in the last few weeks.


Thank you God.

And thank you to everyone who shares what they have with us — whether it’s a big donation or a tiny one. We are grateful for your love.


God is everywhere, I know that. You don’t have to travel across the globe to see him or to be his hands and feet.

Sometimes this world is too much — it seems there is more stress than joyfulness. Taking care of children, work stress, marriage stress, money stress, the lack of basic civility between people. God is like an oasis to me. When I get still and pray or talk to him, or do something I know He’s directing me to do, I feel calmer, more focused and can get my joy back.

Agape Village is like an illustration of God as an oasis. Most days, I have to close my eyes to filter out all the noise of life to connect with God. When you’re in Agape Village, the oasis is all around you, in every moment. I wish I was there!

In the middle of the Zambian bush, God saw fit to give directions to create a beautiful oasis to be a home to those most in need on our planet. I believe God makes miracles all the time, everywhere. But Agape Village is a miracle you can see, touch and feel and it stands out in stark contrast to many of its physical surroundings. It’s a gift to the children, but it’s a gift to those of us who go there to work, as well. It’s a place of peace and love and joy, where you can breathe in the Holy Spirit.

I am sure God wants us all to experience this peace — you don’t have to go to Africa! Whether you go  on a mission trip, go tutor at a local school, fix a meal for someone hungry, offer encouragement to someone struggling — know God is there.

Breathe Him in.

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  — 1 Corinthians 3:16

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Written by Jenny White, an AVF volunteer that really wishes she was in Zambia, but is writing from her home in North Carolina.


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