It has been truly amazing for us to see what God has accomplished in the African bush in the last 12 months. It was on May 24, 2010 that villagers began clearing the land in Chitambo, Zambia for the Agape Village Orphanage. On July 5, ground was broken and construction began–all by hand.

Today the orphanage building, which will house 96 children when at capacity, is nearly 75% completed. Only God could accomplish such a task in a place where there is no Lowe’s or Home Depot, and the nearest city is 6 hours away.

As we return to Zambia on May 30 we will be focused on the final phase of construction for the orphanage, which will include drilling a well. Please pray that this will go smoothly and that we will hit water without having to dig too deeply since that could significantly increase the cost of the well.

During this trip we will be purchasing furnishings for the orphanage such as bunk beds, light fixtures and toilet fixtures. Can you imagine explaining indoor plumbing to a child who has never seen such before? The villagers in the bush have neither electricity or running water in their huts so all of this will be very new to the precious children who will be living at the Agape Village Orphanage.

We will also be conducting interviews while in Zambia to find just the right people to work with the children at the orphanage. This is a daunting task so please pray that we will be extremely sensitive to God’s leading in this process.

We feel blessed that God has allowed us the opportunity to be a part of this project that will bring hope and opportunity to the orphans in Chitambo and surrounding areas.

Blessings and Shalom,
Mickey and Jackie Bailey


Comments on: "Keep Us In Your Prayers" (1)

  1. charlotte said:

    We will continue to pray for you and God’s work being done in Zambia thru Agape Village.

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