Pray for Water!

We have arrived in Zambia, at last.  We met yesterday with Jack Musumba from Mema Well Drilling, who was recommended to Mickey very highly to bore our well at Agape Village Orphanage.  What we did not know was that Jack is a really fine man, a bishop with the Apostolic Mission Church in Zambia, who bores wells to make extra money to do the work that he believes God has called him to do but that his church is not able to afford. Jack asked if we could pray together before making our contract and asked God to bless the project we were about to undertake together to help the vulnerable children in the Chitambo area…….What a way to start!
      The well boring will begin next week and Jack believes that we will have water before the end of the week.  He said, in fact, that he would not leave us without water.  Please pray for the success of the drilling next week.
       Blessings on all of you!


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  1. How blessed we are that even when we don’t the path,our GOOD GOD is making the connections for us.I will pray and am expecting a miracle.

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