This is Annie, the House Mother to Agape Village children (and that’s Moses, reading aloud).

Annie is a mother (and kind-of father) to 60 children at Agape Village. We believe she was sent by God to Agape to be a comforter, a teacher, a nurse, a psychologist, a disciplinarian, a nutritionist, a choir director, a gardener, a housekeeper and a world-class diplomat, capable of keeping the peace between 60 typical, rambunctious children.

Most of all, she is a Disciple of Christ, doing her best to teach Agape children (and all of us) what it means to love God’s most vulnerable lambs and teach, by word and her glorious example, what God’s word looks like in action.

We love you Madame Annie and thank God He brought you to be a mother-figure to Agape children while they grow and flourish at Agape Village. They are your most beautiful garden.


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