Miracles. Everywhere.

By Jenny

Jeremiah 32:27: I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

I wish I could somehow package up Agape Village and send it out into the world.

How I’d love for everyone to experience the beauty and love of the people in this place. Mickey told me a few months ago that I could not fully understand the magnificence of God’s care in creating this simple, but miraculous place, without seeing it for myself. And he was right.

The hour-long journey to get to the orphanage is helpful to fully appreciate the miracle of Agape Village.  As you ride the rudimentary road, the unforgiving nature of the Zambian bush is in full view. Many people literally live in the woods off of the roads in their huts or roughhewn, one-room homes. They grow their food or scavage for it. They hand-cut trees, downing them to make charcoal, and to create a clearing in which they can erect some type of shelter. Most have no water, no electricity.

When Jackie and Mickey committed to answering God’s call to create Agape Village Orphanage, there was no cleared land for developing this project. It was 100+ acres of woods. There was not even a real map to figure exactly where the land was located.

There was no path into the woods that was Agape Village Foundation property. There were no bush-hogs, no bulldozers, no chainsaws to clear away the forest to make way for an orphanage.

But by the grace of God, and with his infinite love for all his children, today we found ourselves right in the middle of a miracle called Agape Village, deep in the heart of Zambia, Africa. Not just one miracle, BUT ONGOING MIRACLES. It’s hard for Mickey and Jackie to remember them all. And they keep coming.

In these pictures, you can’t see that this area used to be a woodland area, which was cleared by the hands of nearby church members and villagers and Agape Village volunteers.


IMG_1811 gatechoir

Many of these beautiful thriving kids were malnourished, not going to school and barely scraping together sustenance each day – some living on their own.



And these photos don’t come close to explaining the miracle these two women are to Agape Village Orphanage. Nyawa and Annie were, without a doubt, sent to this place and to these children by God.


And then there is this. The latest miracle in Agape Village.





God has provided a school for the Agape children.

A new school for the children attending primary school, is now on the campus of Agape Village Orphanage. Built debt-free by generous friends, family and donors, the Agape Village School will be a vital asset we can use to educate our children to help them  be successful and self-sufficient adults.

You can read more about how the school came to be, here.

In the next few weeks, we will be working to help prepare the school for students and attempting to find the right teachers. Will you pray for us? Pray for us to recognize the teachers God would like at the school and pray we finish a long list of tasks to further ready the school for opening. Pray for us to clearly discern what God wants us to do while we’re here, pray for safe travels on the road each day to the orphanage, pray for the children and, please, add your thanks to ours, for all God has done in Agape Village.

We will pray that today, YOU find a miracle to witness. We wish you all were here with us,for they are easier to see here. But miracles are everywhere.  You just have to look for them.



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