Giving Thanks



Dear Friends,

As Thanksgiving approaches, we count among our blessings the 50 precious children who now call Agape Village Orphanage home. We are grateful that they are there, and we are grateful that they all seem happy, secure, and energetic, and most are doing very well in school.  In fact, we are delighted to report that many of the Agape children are at the top of their respective classes in school!

We do, however, have concerns about the quality of the education that these children are receiving at the village school.   Part of the problem is that classes have
from 40-60 students per class, and one teacher.  Also, because of limited government funds, students must share books as well as desks.  All of this makes teaching and learning difficult.ZAMBIA NOV. 2012 411.JPG

In light of this, one of our dreams for the coming year is to hire 2 tutors for the children at Agape Village Orphanage.  Though costly, we believe this is necessary so that our children can receive a better education. Without a better education, their futures are very limited.  They presently receive tutoring from our Matron and Director, but these ladies have so many other responsibilities at the orphanage that they definitely need help with the tutoring.

Another concern that surfaced during a recent trip to the orphanage is with the orphanage well. Because there is an 8 months long dry season in Zambia, good well operation can be difficult. The Agape well has become muddy and needs to be reworked.  We are praying to find the right company who can do this job.

In spite of these concerns, however, we can truly say that Agape Village Orphanage is an IMG_3387.JPGamazing place – a safe home to 50 delightful Zambian children, and a place that provides work for 14 Zambian adults who are thrilled to have jobs.  It is heart-warming to be there.  God has been very good to us to allow us the opportunity to work with these wonderful children and adults!

The Agape garden is flourishing and providing fresh vegetables daily for the children, and land has been prepared for this season’s planting of 10 acres of maize and soybeans.  We are very grateful for the skills of the Agape gardener, and for the knowledge that our Director and Matron have about gardening and farming.  Together they have done a great job!

Thank you so very much for your continuing prayers and support for Agape Village Orphanage, and for orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world.

Mickey and Jackie Bailey


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