Simple Things



Dear Friend,

The simplest things bring joy to the children at Agape Orphanage–“a raincoat for the walks to school during the rainy season, a new colorful towel of my very own, a toothbrush holder to keep my toothbrush separate from those of my friends, a new belt to hold up my pants that are a bit too big, a pencil box to keep my new pencils safe, a pretty pink heart necklace made by some kind ladies in America.” All of these are treasures you have receIMG_2782.JPGntly made possible for the children who call Agape Orphanage home.

Each time we are in Africa with our Agape children, we are reminded how starkly different life is for them than it is for children in our country. It is truly so different, that understanding this difference is only possible when one visits Africa.

But, we know that life for the children at Agape Orphanage is much better now than it was before they came to the orphanage. One can readily see how much healthier and how much more energetic these children are now than when they first arrived. They are eating many foods that they never ate before, and are learning how these foods are grown and how to prepare them–all of which is important for their futures. Also, the children are attending school and are being encouraged to take education seriously, which is vitally important if they are to have an improved quality of life.

Equally important, the children are learning that there are people a long way from Africa who care about them. They hear that it is the love which comes from God that compels people who don’t even know them to help provide for them, and that gives them hope. Thank you for being one of those people.

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

Mickey and Jackie Bailey


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