Dear Friend,
It seemed like a dream! We were sitting on the Agape Orphanage porch with two chiefs, the District Commissioner, several high ranking officers from Social Welfare and Child Protection, four Zambian Rotarians, a minister, and the local doctor, and we were celebrating the dedication of Agape Orphanage. Looking over the crowd of invited guests, one could not miss the faces of the 50 smiling Agape Children who were bursting with excitement. They would sing for the gathered crowd after all of the dignitaries had spoken.
It seemed like just yesterday that we were clearing this land with the dream of building an orphanage. Now, a few short years later, Agape Orphanage is home to 50 children. We have been amazed to see how God has performed so many miracles to make this a reality in such a short time. We were overcome with joy.
As the many dignitaries spoke, each acknowledged Agape Orphanage as being a work of God, and each gave God the glory for all of the good that is taking place there. After we officially dedicated the orphanage to God, the Rotarians in attendance made their presentation to the orphanage of tractor and implements, hammer mill, and new water tower and tank. What a glorious celebration it was!
We have learned very quickly that when you are caring for 50 children, you always have someone with a cold, a cut, a rash, a broken limb and, sometimes, malaria. The local hospital can treat many, but not all illnesses. If a child is faced with a life-threatening situation, he/she must be transported 9 hours to a hospital in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. We were faced with such a situation shortly after returning from the celebration in Zambia. We are happy to report that our sick child has survived an extremely critical situation. He is still convalescing in Lusaka, but should return to the orphanage by the end of the month.
This kind of situation, in addition to providing for the daily needs of 50 children, comes at a cost, but God has been very gracious to provide for the needs of these children through friends like you. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement, and for your continuing support for the children at Agape Orphanage. And, if you have not partnered with us in this mission already, would you please consider doing so today?
Blessings and Shalom,
Mickey and Jackie Bailey, Co-Founders AVF
AVF Board Members:
Joan Ashby Jackie Bailey Mickey Bailey Gerald Batts David Benson Bob Bergland Melissa Bynum Farron Duncan Charlotte High Deans Richard Laney Peggy Looney Peggy Perry Mary Sue Smith Wendy Wilson Bunn Woodard

Comments on: "Witnessing the Incredible Hand of God" (2)

  1. Kalepa Musamba said:

    First Of All Am Appreciating What You Are Doing For The Children Of Zambia (Chitambo) And My Prayer Is That May GOD Continue To Bless You And Your Families More And More Amen.

    How Many Orphanages Do You Here In Zambia Or In Africa?

    • Kalepa Musamba said:

      Correction. Not Orphanages But Schools Because I Heard Of A College In Kabwe, Zambia Of Agape College So I Thought That Maybe You Also Run It.

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