Thursday Jan. 19, 2012

Today we finally got some diesel fuel and drove out to MECCO to check on the bunk beds this company is building for us.  We ordered 48 bunk beds that were to be completed in 3 months.  That was 11 months ago and they haven’t even made the first 24 yet.  Such is Africa. In their defense, when they make a wood product they start with the whole log. They mill it with a small portable mill, then let it air dry for a month (much longer in the rainy season) and then they start work on the project.  They have promised us 24 bunks by February 15th.  We will see. 

Our next stop was the orphanage.  Work was continuing and the new plumber, Isaac, is doing a fine job, so far. We made another list of supplies, mostly plumbing parts, that we will buy when we return to Lusaka in a few days.  After talking to Robson, Issac and of course Rev. Royd we made our way back down the Great North Road to Serenje to our little room with no electricity. A couple of days without electricity will always bring you back down to earth, especially in Africa.  



Comments on: "Thursday Jan. 19, 2012" (1)

  1. Liz Dunton said:

    Thank you for all you are doing! We are praying for you! Liz

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