Monday Jan. 16, 2012

We left Serenje today on our way to Chitambo Village,a 55 mile trip.   Annie and Nyawa traveled with us along with Gabriel. We were very anxious to see the progress of the orphanage. 

After traveling 50 miles on the Great North Road we turn on a dirt road that is miserable to drive on and push on for another 4 miles. Then we turn on the road that we actually made. We call it Agape Drive. We are now less than 1 mile from the orphanage and surprising to us we can see the top of orphanage from here. The power company has cleared so many trees to run the power lines that you can now see the orphanage from the main dirt road that leads to Chitambo Village.

 As we approached the orphanage we could see there has been much progress on the outside.  Once inside we were pleasantly surprised to see how much progress was made inside as well.   Although not ready for children yet, the orphanage is looking good. Once the plumbing is finished, the dining hall floor is poured, a few more light fixtures are installed, a little paint work is finished, a little ceiling work done and it will be ready. Then we just need to furnish it. That can be daunting!

We couldn’t get over what a fine job Zesco, the power company, has done. In 45 days they have cleared 1 kilometer of land, erected 11 poles, strung the cable, installed the transformer and all this work was done by hand.  There was no fancy truck with a drill to make the hole and no hydraulic arm to place the poles. 

Today we hired a new plumber named Isaac. The other one didn’t work out. 

Gabby from Golf View Hotel has been traveling with us for the last 2 days and has been a great help. He is a very spiritual man, a good friend and a very important part of God’s plan. He lets us park our van at the hotel that he works for in Lusaka. When we need something from Lusaka he will buy it for us and put it on the bus that travels out close to Chitambo Village.  He also picks us up from the airport and takes us back as well.  Without his help this would be must difficult. 



Comments on: "Monday Jan. 16, 2012" (3)

  1. Amanda Coleman said:

    Mickey and Jackie-
    We are praying for your trip and so glad that the orphanage is making so much progress! I will continue the prayers.


  2. Suzanne gore said:

    Wish we could be with you and Jackie.

  3. Joan Ashby said:

    Wish we could have witnessed your excitement as you saw the orphanage through the cleared trees. What a joy and answer to so many prayers! We continue to pray for God’s blessings and guidance for Agape Village Orphanage.
    Joan and Jim

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