Arriving In Zambia – Jan.2012

“…for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.”
                                 Isaiah 52:12

As Mickey and I have traveled back and forth to Africa for the last 2 years, this scripture has been especially meaningful.  It is a promise that we count on and a certain sureness that we have experienced on each trip.  Even this time when we spent 3 hours in Customs/Immigration in Lusaka upon arrival on Thursday we knew that the Holy Spirit was with us and we tried not to grumble-too much.  That is a story for later.

We arrived in Serenje, Zambia on Sunday afternoon.  Gabriel, our “angel” from Lusaka, traveled with us so that he could finally see the orphanage in Chitambo that he has heard so much about.  Gabriel has certainly been a part of this project almost from the beginning and does many things to help us both when we are in Africa and when we are at home.  On Sunday evening we met with Nyawa and Annie, the ladies who will be serving as Director and Matron, respectively, for the Agape Village Orphanage.  We learned that they had recently returned from Chitambo where they spent 3 nights at the orphanage sleeping on the floor and eating with the AV workers, getting the “lay of the land”.  We are very thankful that God has picked these two impressive ladies to lead the Agape Village Orphanage here in Zambia.

We are retiring after an exhausting day but are very grateful that the Lord has surely gone before us once again.



Comments on: "Arriving In Zambia – Jan. 2012" (2)

  1. Melissa Bynum said:

    It sounds like it will not be long before the orphanage is full of children. I can’t wait. You both are in all of our prayers!!

  2. Joan Ashby said:

    We are grateful for Gabriel, Nyawa and Annie and all those who have helped you along the way. God bless you all. Rest well.

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