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Feeding Center Visit

From Mellisa

     After a good night sleep I woke up to the rosters crowing at 7am.  I think this rooster missed the class on wake up crow (call) because he does it several times a night.  We had jungle oats (oatmeal) for the first time and I thought it was pretty good. Especially with lots of brown sugar and milk.
     Then off we went to a feeding center for orphans called the Hope Center.     This is a feeding center where the children come each day but then return to stay with either a friend or distant relative at night.  We took a tour of the center and we were very impressed.  The children arrive early in the morning, take a shower, are fed and then off to school in shifts.  When not in school they study the bible, learn songs about the bible and then learn about planting a garden.  Before we sang songs ten children stood up, introduce themselves, and recited a bible verse individually.  I almost cried when a very young girl (5years old) stood up recited John 3. 16 very loud and clear.
     Suzanne played her guitar and we taught the children the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  I am not sure if they were laughing because we were having fun or because we were the funniest looking Masungas (white people) they had ever seen.
     Next was the time everyone was looking forward to.  New clothes.  We gave the girls a new dress, a cross necklace, and a sweetie (bubblegum) and the boys a shirt, a christian bracelet and a sweeltie.  I will have to say one of the only t-shirts that had to be exchanged was a Wake Forest t-shirt.  I think he said in Bimba “any Carolina t-shirts?”  ( Ha Ha )  Actually it was to big.
     It was a wonderful day and guess what Margie?  I found a place to shop!
Mellisa Bynum

Remember Us

The day has finally arrived that I have been waiting for since I decided to go to Zambia six months ago. We arrived at Agape Village Orphanage to find everyone hard at work. They greeted us with beautiful smiles, especially happy to see Mickey and Jackie. After touring the orphanage and standing at the “prayer site” where it all began, we headed to the Chitambo hospital. There we gave out bags to the “mothers in waiting ” with items for their newborn babies. Though the Zambian’s were sick or in pain, the mention of Jesus caused them to smile beautifully and clap for joy. As we left to head back to our home away from home one lady softly spoke —“remember us”— My thought was ” How could I ever forget you?”

Melissa Bynum

The Journey to Africa is a Long One!!

We left Rocky Mount on Wednesday morning, September 28, and finally arrived in Serenje, Zambia, on Saturday evening, October 1. The journey to Africa is a long one!

Sunday we spent most of the day at Teta Baptist church which is under the leadership of Pastor Dan, a great minister and friend. When you leave his church you know you have been to CHURCH! One member of our team, Farron Duncan delivered the Sunday sermon and two other members of the team, Trish Duncan and Suzanne Gore, sang as Suzanne played the guitar. It was wonderful worshiping with the Teta congregation.

Monday we traveled 50 more miles to Chitambo to the Agape Village Orphanage which is looking really good. All of the roofing is finished and the workers are busy installing the ceilings and working on the baths. It is really a wonder that this quality of work has been accomplished in such a remote area.

Today we also visited the Chitambo Hospital and delivered baby bags to the maternity patients and prayed with some other patients in the hospital. The experience was very moving and reminded us, once again, how blessed we are to live where we do.

We visited our young friend, Osward, who is not doing well. Please keep this child in your prayers.

We have four friends traveling with us and we are encouraging them to share their thoughts with you on our blog. Hopefully they will do this.

Thanks for your support.
Mickey and Jackie

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