More Reflections

More Reflections – Upon Heading Home

We left Serenje at 6:00 a.m. with the smiling faces of Rev. Royd and 
Pastor Dan watching us drive away after praying for our safe travel.  We are spending tonight in Lusaka after doing a little shopping at Kabwata Cultural Center where local artisans sell their crafts.

I’m glad to be going home, but also sad to leave this special place where God’s presence is like breath on your face.

A few of my fresh impressions of Zambia follow.  I’m sure with time to reflect, I will have many more.

The people are gentle, soft-spoken, and kind.  They are well mannered and dignified.  They are intelligent, knowledgeable and have a desire to learn more so they can help others.  They are not to be feared.  Speak to them and you will be greeted with a big smile, a hand over the heart, and often a curtsy.  They have great ingenuity, creativity and talent.  They love God with all their hearts, souls and minds.  

They are all of these things in spite of the fact that:  They live in the woodlands in grass and mud huts with no electricity, running water or any sort of modern convenience.   They cook over fires with homemade charcoal.  They eat virtually the same food for every meal – nshima, made from ground corn.  They spend hours each day walking to get water for drinking and preparing food, but not enough for the luxury of a regular bath.  They walk everywhere they go, except for a few who have bicycles which are not good for very long due to the rough, dry dirt roads and woodland trails.  The children walk for miles to school; that is the ones who can get the uniforms and pay the small fee required.  

After spending time in Zambia, I don’t pity the people for they have so much more spirituality here on earth than most of us could ever dream of experiencing but I do wish for their physical sufferings to be relieved and there is much of that.

I am thankful to have new friends in Zambia who are praying for me, my friends, my family and my church.  I have absolutely no doubt that their prayers are of the first in God’s ears.

Trish Duncan


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