I Have Seen Great Things

I Have Seen Great Things

Each day it is becoming more difficult to write these blogs, not because I am running out of stories but because I have so much to tell and I feel a great responsibility to get the message out.  I want to go ahead and apologize to anyone who runs into me and asks me about my trip.  I will probably try to tell you one story after another until you might think I have gone crazy.  I can assure you I have not.  I have seen great things.

Today I will tell you again about Osward.  After a long day of getting things straight at the orphanage and playing with some children who stopped by, Mickey and Jackie felt the need to check on Osward again.  Well, there he was in the dirt with no clothes on.  Mickey was so upset!  Luckily we had C.B., the bank manager, and Anne and Nyawa, the two women from the Hope Center, with us.  C.B. called the lady from Social Services to see what was going on.  She told us she thought he had been picked up.  In the meantime Nyawa told the guardian that Osward was a blessing for her.  She explained that he was the fertilizer that would make her blessings grow.  I pray she understands.

On the way back to the village the social worker called Jackie and said that Osward would be transported to a hospital and then placed in the Cheshire Home, a place for disabled children.  Luckily we have our friends now involved who will follow up on this.

Once again on the long drive home I started thinking about my life.  How many Oswards have I ignored because I was too busy or too selfish?  How many blessings have I missed out on?

           “Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget
            the things thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart 
            all the days of thy life;  but teach them to thy sons and thy sons’ sons”
                                                     Deuteronomy 4:9

Melissa Bynum


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  1. Blessings! Thank you so much for your heartfelt blogs!I appreciate your writings so much.It is amazing how this experience changes our lives forever.Safe travels.charlotte deans

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