“They Shall Walk And Not Faint”

As we are heading out again today it is hard for me to believe how fast our time here has flown by!  We only have three days left to get so much accomplished because we start our journey home on Monday.

Yesterday was so overwhelming with emotion that I needed some time to process it before I wrote down my thoughts.

Thursday started out very early and, yes, now I am a coffee drinker  (coffee with lots of milk and brown sugar). Our first stop was to see Osward again.  Osward is a fifteen year old boy in a five year old body.  (He is the little boy in the video with a hat on sitting in a wheelchair.)  His mother has severe mental issues and he has been neglected his whole life.  Jackie and Mickey first met Osward a year ago and have been trying to help him ever since that day.  Well, yesterday he was finally saved!  Mickey and Jackie contacted Social Services and they met us at his home.  They said the situation was deplorable and that he would be removed tomorrow and his mother would be put in a mental institution…..We all agreed that Osward would be the line leader to heaven when it came time to meet Jesus.

After we got ourselves together we started talking about our next adventure which was to give out clothes deep in the bush.  We headed down another bumpy dirt road, had a flat tire, and finally arrived at Reverend Rodwell’s church.  Children were standing along the side of the road waving to us and then they ran behind the car until we reached the church.  There over 100 orphans sat down very quietly until they were called up to receive a piece of clothing.  Then they did a slight curtsy to say thank you….I just want to let everyone know we are in desperate need of boys’ clothes (especially boys S, M, L shirts).  You would not believe all of the boys in Zambia.

As we pulled off we threw bubblegum to everyone and we loved the excitement as they ran to get a piece.  It was good to see them share if they got more than one sweetie!

As we headed back to our nice rooms, I was thinking about the warm shower I was going to take and the bowl of spaghetti I would have for dinner.  I looked out of the van window watching the Zambians go about their day.  The Bible verse Isaiah 40:31 says it all:
            “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall   
             mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and 
             they shall walk, and not faint.”

Melissa Bynum


Comments on: "They Shall Walk And Not Faint" (3)

  1. Thank you Melissa for making us aware of the need for boys clothes.Those little boys are dear to my heart,having shopped for my 3.I will be on the lookout for more boy clothes.And thank you for sharing the emotions of the trip and relating them to scripture.I am sure your worship experience tomorrow will be another wonderful memory.Safe travels home.charlotte deans

  2. Kathleen Yenney Meffert said:

    Hello from Louisville, KY! I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and providing us with this insight into life in Zambia and the wonderful work you are all doing there. I can’t wait to hear about it all and to see pictures. It struck me the other day when I read your blog about the little children reciting their Bible verses that our God is the same God and his Word is the same Word regardless of where we live on planet earth or the circumstances of our lives. Very comforting to me! I pray that you all will have a safe trip home. Love, Kathleen

  3. Joan Ashby said:

    What a moving experience. Thank you for sharing this with us. We will spread the word about clothing needs for the boys.
    Praying for a safe trip home for all of you.
    With love in Christ,

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