Sadness and Joy

Sadness and Joy

Yesterday when Mickey and I met with the head of Child Welfare and Social Services for the Serenje District in Zambia we told her about our young friend, Osward, – about whom we have spoken before- and his deplorable living conditions. After explaining that we would purchase the fuel  for the government vehicle – which was not available in their budget – it was agreed that she and the enforcing officer with whom she works would meet us today in Chitambo – 50 miles from their office – to asses Osward’s living conditions and to see what appropriate actions might be taken to help this precious disabled child.  We took this action only after trying time and again to work with a guardian who failed to give Osward any level of decent care. 

This has been an extremely sad and sobering part of our trip for this team but we are grateful to know that Child Welfare has been quick to respond to our request for assistance for Osward.  We have been assured that he is being removed from this bad situation immediately – first to a temporary place and then to a permanent home.  As sad as this has been, it has also been good to see wonderful people in authority come to the aid of one who so badly needed their help….We will surely continue to check on Osward.

In the afternoon today we journeyed to the church of our friend, Reverend Rodwell, and gave clothing to over 100 children – one at a time.  What a treat that was!  As we handed each boy a new pair of britches or shirt, or each girl a new dress they would smile, bend at the knee slightly, and say thank you in Bemba. Their gratitude made us all wish we could do so much more for them……Our best was to say, “Yesu alikutemwa.”  – Jesus loves you.

Blessings and Shalom,


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  1. I don’t understand about the suffering of children—maybe suffering in general but the children?ANyway I don’t have to understand it to thank you all for trying to help “one of the least” have a decent existence.I pray that at some level Osward can feel your love and thru that know that a there is a much greater Force in charge of all of us.I can’t imagine how hard dealing with this has been for each of you,but I truly feel the love of Jesus on earth from reading this blog.We will continue to pray for Osward.
    I hope there are pictures of the children getting their clothes.Their smiles are so dear.
    The images that you all have written about in your blogs are cause for us all to rethink our call and response to Jesus” mission on earth.We have been so blessed in our country and in our churches.It makes me question how faithful I have been with my resources and my time.And how faithful has the Church universal been to the helpless,homeless,and hungry all over God’s world?Continued prayers for you all in the final days of your time in Zambia aand your journey home.charlotte deans

  2. What special joy you must all feel to be making such a difference with love and clothing for those precious children.

    We have heard about Osward from the very beginning and God has certainly used you as Osward’s advocates. Thank you for listening to that nudging that God does so well. We continue to pray for Osward and those who will care for him in the future.

    God just keeps those miracles coming. Thank you, Jesus!
    Love, Joan


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