Remember Us

The day has finally arrived that I have been waiting for since I decided to go to Zambia six months ago. We arrived at Agape Village Orphanage to find everyone hard at work. They greeted us with beautiful smiles, especially happy to see Mickey and Jackie. After touring the orphanage and standing at the “prayer site” where it all began, we headed to the Chitambo hospital. There we gave out bags to the “mothers in waiting ” with items for their newborn babies. Though the Zambian’s were sick or in pain, the mention of Jesus caused them to smile beautifully and clap for joy. As we left to head back to our home away from home one lady softly spoke —“remember us”— My thought was ” How could I ever forget you?”

Melissa Bynum


Comments on: "Remember Us" (2)

  1. Thank you all for being there and doing God’s work. I will remember all of those in Zambia and will be praying for them and for you!

  2. charlotte deans said:

    Hi Melissa!
    Even though I have not been to Zambia yet,I can relate to your comment about always remembering the people you are seeing now.From our travels in Kenya and Tanzania summer before last,the people are still in my mind’s eye and in my heart.It is hard to describe the circumstances under which most of the African people live,however it amazes me how happy their spirits seem.I am glad that you are having the opportunity to visit the orphanage in person.We will be looking foward to hearing more about your trip.OUr prayers remain constant for you and your fellow travellers and always for the people there.charlotte deans

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