We are very pleased with all that has been accomplished with the Agape Village Orphanage project in the 5 weeks that we have been here in Zambia and we are very grateful to God for moving in so many ways to make this possible– sometimes against a lot of odds.

The water tower and tank are in place on the orphanage property and water is flowing. That in itself has been quite a story!

As we were headed to Chitambo Village on Friday morning–our last day for this trip–we were going over our very long list of “things to do” in these 5 weeks. There were only 2 things that had not been marked as having been done–hire the plumber and make contact with the Social Welfare Department in the Serenje District.

As we pulled onto the orphanage site we saw two vehicles, both marked Ministry of Social Services. We were being visited by both the head of Social Services for the Central Province of Zambia and the head for the Serenje District, which is one part of the Central Province. These ladies oversee services to vulnerable children and adults in the Central Province and they had come to see the Agape facility. They were very gracious and expressed their gratitude for the work of the Agape Village Foundation in their country. They said the needs in Zambia are many and government money is very, very little. We explained, as we have so many times here, that the love of God is the motivating factor behind all that the Agape Village Foundation is doing for the vulnerable children in Zambia.

Waiting to speak with us next was—who else but the plumber!! Communication difficulties had finally been overcome and he had been notified that we were in the area. He rode his bicycle 5 hours to reach the orphanage property on Friday morning to discuss the plumbing work needed for the facility…..The last thing on the “To Do List” was DONE…………….God is good, all the time!

Leaving Zambia is, for us, a bit bittersweet. We are anxious to return home and are, also, wanting to stay here until every single thing is finished and children are happily running through the Agape Village Orphanage building. But, we head out tomorrow for home knowing that what God has started here He will carry on to its completion.

Blessings and Shalom,
The Baileys


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  1. Glory be to God!

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