Zambia Update

The last several days have been incredibly busy as our time here draws to an end for this trip. We have been trying to make sure that we leave the workmen with all materials which will be needed until we return in October when, we believe, most of the orphanage construction will be completed. We have, therefore, spent a lot of time the last few days hunting for those last needed items.
The well company workers have been on site today erecting the tower for the water tank and setting the concrete footings on which the tower will be placed tomorrow. Once again, these men have come from many kilometers away and will camp out at the site until they complete the job. They arrived, as did the workers who preceded them, with mattresses and pots and pans–African style.
We have spent some time this week checking up on friends and have found that some are doing a bit better than when we were here in April because malaria is not as constant a threat now that the rainy season has ended. Malaria is always present, but it is not quite as prevalent this time of year. Also, this is harvest time for maize so food is a bit more plentiful right now. Those who are fortunate enough to have enough maize to feed the family and some left over to sell may even have a little extra money at this time for needed items or to pay for school for the children.
On Tuesday we interviewed two very impressive women who are interested in positions at the orphanage. Today we spent time with them at the facility where they are presently employed so that we could learn more about the program they are now involved with which does outreach in Serenje with orphans but is not a residential facility. We met some delightful children there and were impressed with all that we saw. It has been agreed that we will visit this center again when we return in October and bring clothing for the children from the US. Once again we were reminded of the stark reality that there are orphans all over this county–precious children who deserve to be cared for and educated so that they can have a chance for a future filled with hope.
Please continue to pray for the future of the Agape Village Orphanage. Pray that it may become a haven for vulnerable children where they can come to know that they have a Father in heaven who cares for them so very much that He provides for them through people like all of us.

Blessings and Shalom,
The Baileys


Comments on: "Zambia Update" (4)

  1. We continue to pray for the continued progress of the Agape orphanage.But right now our prayers are focused on the two of you having a safe journey home.We have missed you and are anxious to hear about the details of the trip.The Deans

  2. Jena Katkaveck said:

    Jackie and Mickey,
    We have followed your journey with much interest and even more prayer. We continue to be amazed with the entire project and how God is working. We can only begin to imagine what He has in mind for Agape Village. Praying that all details are covered and that you two remain safe.
    In Christ,

  3. Jackie and Mickey,
    So much is being accomplished, but you must feel there is still so much to do. We pray that every moment of your time will be a fulfillment of the mission God planned for this special place. It will surely be difficult to leave with so much going on but you can count on God to be a great foreman while you are away.
    Mercies and blessings as you make the trip home.
    Love, Joan

  4. Thank you for all you are doing for those precious children! I will continue to pray for all the children in Zambia and for the orphanage!

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