Update from Zambia

For the last several days we have been in Lusaka buying construction supplies. At present the Agape van is loaded down with toilets and sinks, light fixtures and florescent bulbs, and septic tank lids. (We look a lot like the rest of the overloaded trucks one sees all over Africa.) We have sent ahead of us the last of the roofing materials and electrical wiring supplies. The shopping in Lusaka has been, as always, a challenge.

It is fair to say that the well saga continued a few days beyond our last blog. The drillers struggled for a couple of extra days removing a broken pipe from the bore hole before finally finishing their work. They have now capped the hole and left, and are being followed by the group who will construct the stand for the water tank. Hopefully they will be here next week, but in Zambia you never know…We are very grateful to be at this point.

The workers are still laying brick and finishing the bathroom walls, as others are framing the roof over the dinning area. Maybe, by the end of next week the roof will be completely finished, except for the bathrooms and the porches.
Blessing and Shalom,
The Baileys


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