Well, the internet is back up and running but the drilling rig isn’t . There have been several additional problems–one after the other. After the much needed pipes arrived on Monday to continue the boring process–which looked so promising at that point–the drilling head broke and had to be welded. That took a full day.

The following day work resumed but then the diesel engine which operates the drilling rig quit running. That, also, took a full day to repair.
In the meantime, the drillers had not been able to insert the casing that protects the hole since the equipment wasn’t operating, so the hole that had been drilled to a depth of 120 feet collapsed.

Because this soil is so sandy, if you don’t case the hole soon after you bore it, it will collapse– and that is exactly what happened.

Tomorrow we start over with a new hole. Please pray for successful drilling, no more breakdowns, and for an abundance of water.


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