We arrived at the orphanage site early this morning only to learn from the drillers that the needed pipes would not be arriving until late this afternoon so the drilling will not continue until Tuesday morning. This is Africa and we have learned to expect those kinds of things.

The drilling crew, 6 extremely nice men, are just camping out at the orphanage until the boss comes with the pipes. They arrived with their pots and pans and mattresses, so they are content. They walk to Chitambo village and buy vegetables from the locals and return to cook over an open fire. All is well with them.

Meanwhile, construction is moving forward. The bricklayers are busy and so is Kennedy, the electrician. (When the orphanage is finished we will be using a generator in the evenings.) Yes, it is amazing to find an electrician in the African bush. He was trained in Lusaka before coming with his family to live in Chansa, close to Chitambo.
After Kennedy received payment for his work today he asked to ride back with us to Serenje in the afternoon. The reason for the trip–he needed to replace his worn out bicycle and his wages allowed him to do that.

We are happy to report that Beauty and Anton, the wife and youngest son of Reverend Royd, are both recovering nicely from malaria. Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for them.

The local board that has been formed to identify the most vulnerable orphans in the area is busily at work. We will be meeting with them soon.

Please pray for the orphans here and all over the world. Also, please continue to pray for an abundance of water for the orphanage.


Comments on: "Still on hold for water…" (1)

  1. Jackie and Mickey,
    That is great news about Beauty and Anton. We are praying for the local board and for their discernment in the decisions regarding the children. We also continue our prayers for water, for both of you and for all who are working on this beautiful project.

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