One of Those Days…

It is fair to say that this has been “one of those days” from beginning to end. We were so excited to begin the well process today but spent the day in a holding pattern waiting for Memsa Well Drillers to reach the orphanage property. They were to travel here from the eastern province overnight and arrive at the orphanage property this morning but apparently encountered trouble along the way. Our last report was that they were on the way, but communications are sometimes very difficult in Africa so we are still waiting to hear when they will arrive.

On the way back to Serenje late this afternoon on the terribly rough Great North Road, we had a flat tire–a very common occurrence on this road. Granted flat tires are not fun anywhere, but the Great North Road is a narrow two-lane highway with almost no shoulder and bordered by tall, thick elephant grass. The vehicles which travel on the Great North Road are huge, overloaded, tandem trucks–some with 26 wheels–traveling at break-neck speed…..makes one change a tire pretty fast!

This has made me think again of Memsa Well Drillers. I hope that whatever equipment difficulty they have had along the way is just aggravating and not serious.

It is very comforting to know that you are praying for the orphanage project and for us as we serve here. We can’t thank you enough for that. We ask that you please continue to do so and we ask, also, that you please pray for the drilling process to get underway in God’s perfect time.


Comments on: "One of Those Days…" (2)

  1. Greetings Jackie and Mickey. It is so exciting to hear about your progress each day. We pray that God is in a hurry to send you that precious water.

  2. Farron Duncan said:

    You guys are in our prayers. Take care and we will see you soon.

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