Preparing to drill!

 It is another beautiful day in Zambia as we make our 50 mile trek out into the bush to the Agape Village Orphanage. This is the cool, dry season, it’s about 75 degrees and there is a steady breeze blowing; it doesn’t get much better than this. If Zambia were in the US with it’s beautiful views of gently rolling hills, vast valleys and perfect weather, it would be a gold mine for developers. But it’s not. We still are amazed how such a beautiful country can be so poor.

For the last two days we have been preparing for the well drillers who are to arrive tomorrow. It was necessary to remove a lot of trees so that they could get their equipment in the right place. Fortunately, over a year ago we took a chainsaw to Zambia and it came in quite handy today. The villagers don’t understand this strange piece of equipment that makes so much noise. They have never seen such a “machinie“ that makes so much noise and takes down trees so fast!
Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for the orphanage. The well boring crew is suppose to arrive very early to start drilling. We can hardly wait to see water coming out of the ground!
It has been a long day so we will say goodnight for now but will let you know soon about the well. Please pray for an abundance of water at the Agape Village Orphanage.
Jackie and Mickey

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  1. That is very exciting! I will be praying for water tomorrow!

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