We left Serenje this morning and headed to the Agape Village Orphanage site in Chitambo with Jack Musumba of Mema Flow Drilling Enterprise. It was a characteristically beautiful and sunny Zambian day with cool temperature, no humidity, and a gorgeous Carolina blue sky dotted with a few scattered wispy clouds. The drive, as always, was both breath-taking and heart-wrenching as we compared the beauty of God’s creation to the poverty experienced daily by so many Zambians. Scattered along the side of the highway were many small children selling vegetables in front of their villages and others, more fortunate, who were scurrying to school–often walking for many miles along the highway.
When we arrived at the orphanage site we were extremely pleased with the progress that had taken place since we were last there. Our new friend, Jack, commented on the quality of the construction being done by the villagers saying the orphanage looked as though it should be located in the city of Lusaka, the capitol.
Jack walked around the orphanage property with Mickey for some time surveying the site and decided on 3 possible places for the well. In theory, drilling will begin at the first location and will continue to a depth of 35-40 meters. If water is not found by that depth, then drilling will take place at the next location, and so on. Our prayer is that God will provide at this place an abundance of physical water just as He offers to each of us the abundance of His living water for our souls.
Drilling will begin on Thursday of this week, but some trees have to be removed before then to make way for the drilling. The men who work on the orphanage will, therefore, be clearing land again on Tuesday and Wednesday rather than laying bricks. They always seem, however, very happy to do whatever job they are asked to do and seem to be pleased to be a part of the orphanage project.
After Mickey and the guys worked “a bit” on the Agape Village Orphanage truck we left for the return trip to Serenje. On the way home Jack, who is a Bishop with the Apostolic Mission Church in Africa, told us some stories about his evangelistic missions in the bush in the northwestern part of Zambia.
In one very remote village during the Christmas season Jack and his team were giving presents of clothing and food to the villagers and then showing them the Jesus film that was made available to them by Campus Crusade in Africa. One elderly gentleman, a refugee from Angola living in Zambia for 30 years, went to Jack and thanked him for bringing the gift to him from Jesus saying it was the only present he had ever received in the 30 years he had been in Zambia. The man then added tearfully that he would like to return with Jack to his home in Lusaka to personally thank this Jesus for caring about him enough to send him a gift.
What a story, and what a day!


Comments on: "What a Day in Zambia…" (2)

  1. You are quite a descriptive writer,Miss Jackie.The first paragraph of your entry is wonderfully accurate of my vivid memories of our trip last year with our family.The natural beauty is breathtaking and more so the human poverty.OUr prayers will be for water to flow early and with great force.Thank you and Mr. Mickey for being there to oversee the miracles.charlotte

  2. Your words are so beautiful! How amazing that God is at work at so many ways in Zambia. God bless you for what you are doing and may he bless the well boring this week!

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